Keep Calm & Isaiah On — 4

Another post from Isaiah. Unedited. He’s writing these daily and I can barely keep up! I’ve combined two here.

March 26, 2020

Part 1

Yet another post from me!

Today I want you to say to yourself “I’m scared” 3x (or another feeling). Then say “this is okay i can get through this” 3x. Now I want you to facetime, or schedule a time to do an event like, say, an online board game or something like that. For example, our family used zoom and played online outburst with our community group.

I hope you do some of that stuff and I hope it makes you feel a little better.

Part 2

Ok, I’m back and today i’m going to tell you something you can do.

The thing you can do: sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Place your hands on the ground or in your lap. Calmly breathe slowly and imagine your in a forest by a river (or just somewhere else calm) and just clear your head (you can think of anything calm or peaceful) and yeah that’s about it.

I hope that calmed you down and see you next time!

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