My husband likes to take up a new hobby for, oh, maybe a year or two, and then he drops it like a hot cake.  But for that one year, he’s all in.  One of my favorites was a few years ago when he started making bread.  He was hand-kneading, window pane testing, letting dough rise for 3 days in the garage, stirring the hooch, and walking the starter ’round the neighborhood (you know, for the local yeast). Baguettes and ciabatta and biscuits galore.  It was heavenly and our house smelled so good. But almost as soon as I settled in, sold my bread machine, and started looking up homemade butter recipes, poof!  He was done and on to the next.

Another hobby of his was photography. For 18 months he was waking up before dawn for that early morning light, going on photo walks, researching the hoity toity lenses. He bought the tripod and the special gloves and even photographed his sister’s wedding. I really thought this one was here to stay.  Nope.  We moved to Seattle and he was on to the next (furniture building, btw, which ended almost before it began). It dawned on me soon after our kids were born that the nice camera with all those fancy lenses was just collecting dust in our closet.  Maybe I should give it a go? I could document all our adventures and keep the extended family in the loop. Yes! That was it! I would become an amazing photographer! How hard could it be? As an incentive for figuring out the camera, I created this site. Gotta put my breathtaking photos somewhere, right? I’d post the pics and hey, maybe I’d write a little, too.


My kids are both taller than me now and those lenses are still gathering dust.  Eh, I tried. Somewhere along the way, though, I discovered I’m a writer.  Who knew? I went back to school and got my MFA in Creative Writing (graduated 2020).  I especially enjoy writing about and exploring the intersections of culture, race, gender and faith.   

Since graduating, I’ve focused on fiction writing and hope to have a novel published someday soon. For those who enjoy geeking out about this sort of thing: I’m an Enneagram 5INTJ, and my StrengthsFinder top 5 are IntellectionDiscipline,  Individualization,  Relator,  Strategic.
I also paint and I play a lot of pickleball.


A few summers ago we stumbled onto
a tiny Farmer’s Market
in Bremerton.
This is where I found Jason.


You guessed it.  
He came home with that hula hoop.
On to the next!

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