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My husband and I have often wondered what our lives would have looked like had we known that I had multiple sclerosis sooner.  I’ve likely had it for about 12-15 years, based on our hindsight-is-20/20, oh-so-scientific calculations.   What would have been different?  What would we have changed?  Would we have gotten pregnant when we did?  Tried sooner?  Later?  Never?  Would we have traveled when we did?  Worried more?  Worried less? These are impossible questions to answer. 

midweek roundup — 10.18.18

I know.  It’s Thursday.  Midweek is Wednesday.  We can be flexible though, no?  I’m known for being flexible.   This week I’ve got one article, one podcast and one movie. 01 First up, the article titled A New Study Reveals Why Obama Voters Switched to Trump by Zack Beauchamp.  I read Hillbilly Elegy and (part of) Strangers in Their Own Land after the election, in an attempt to understand the conversation surrounding, well, how the hell did this happen?  Economic

Dialing It In — Let’s Talk Enneagram!

I’ve written about the Enneagram before (fine, more than once) and if you aren’t the type who likes to geek out about this kind of thing, this isn’t the post for you.  But if you’re curious about the Enneagram and want to know more or figure out your number, read on (and tell me your number!  I’m a 5, btw). We had a friend over for dinner last night and she told me that while she

midweek roundup — 10.10.18

This week I’ve got one interview, one podcast and one link. If you want to look back at previous roundups, click here. 01 First up, the interview.  This is an interview with Christopher Bell (with Aditi Shrikant) about censoring music for kids.  Bell is an associate professor of media studies at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs focusing on how race, class and gender intersect with children’s media. Our boys are getting more and


My boy is ten today.  Double digits.  Just a no-big-deal decade.  Last night Jason went out for drinks with some friends so after tucking Gryffin in for his last night as a nine-year-old, I naturally fell into the vortex of birthday nostalgia and spent an hour scrolling through pixelated versions of my boy — from birth all the way up to… well, yesterday. The math is simple, really.  First child + first iPhone = A

midweek roundup — 9.27.18

For this week’s roundup, I’ve got two podcasts for ya and one musician.  If you’re reading this in your email, I don’t think the players show up in the email format, so if you’d like to listen and you don’t use a podcast or music app, click through to the actual page and you can listen from there. 01 You made it weird with Pete Holmes.  Jason and I are on a Pete Holmes kick

New Contact Page

Hey there, friends!  I’ve finally got a new contact page up and running.  You can use it to ask me a question (anything! nothing is off limits) or just drop me a line. I think this will be the best way to take my actual email off the site but still allow us to be in touch.  If you want to send me a message but have trouble with the contact form, hit me up

midweek roundup — 9.19.18

For this week’s roundup, I’ve got 3 things for ya. 1 book, 1 YouTube channel, and 1 essay from almost thirty years ago. 01 First up, the book.  They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib.  OHMYGOSHTHISBOOK.  I chose this collection of essays for my MFA  reading (we get to choose our own books!  how great is that?) knowing almost nothing about it other than that it fit my areas of interest

The Jane Throw

I made a thing!  A really large thing, as it turns out.  It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on anything creative besides writing but my left hand is getting weaker and the mantra I keep hearing over and over and over with regards to MS weakness is “use it or lose it.” It’s confusing.  My arm and hand feel weak and the sensation is such that I’d prefer not to use it.  To just let

midweek roundup

You know how sometimes you read an article or listen to a podcast and think, “That was really good/interesting/weird/creepy/awesome” and you want to geek out with someone about it but it doesn’t seem big enough to put up on Facebook or something? I often want to debrief after I listen to a good podcast or read an interesting book — to chat about what moved me, angered me, stirred my imagination.  And when one of

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