A Good Word from Gryff

Big brother decided he’d like to write something as well. Here’s a word from Gryffin, age 11. Unedited.

March 24, 2020

You guys know that my brother, Isaiah has written blogs about COVID-19. So I thought that I would make one too. All schools are cancelled probably everywhere.

So hey kids, your parents have to work so be on your best behavior. Let’s pray for the people who have coronavirus, those who are at high risk, i.e. our elders and the parents with LITTLE kids who go to daycare and have to now take care of them. But also for our neighbors. It is a new thing for everyone. It’s hard, so let’s all tough it through.

Don’t go crazy at the store for things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer/wipes, because other people need them. People wouldn’t have panicked as much if the first person hadn’t went crazy for the toilet paper, etc. It’s called the domino effect, the first one falls, so do the rest. I think what it was is we rushed into this so fast. It was first found in December 2019, and now it is 2/3rds through March. It has barely been about 4 months since we discovered the virus and we are now going into a shelter in place. It was all very fast. We are used to easing into things, but we have no choice. It is scary, so let’s all stay strong.

A message to you extroverts: I know it is hard but you guys have to stay safe, so get netflix, more video games before eshops crash, and talk to your friends via zoom, texting, and facetime, etc. A message to you introverts: you have never been so happy! Now people are starting to understand you.

Stay safe!