^ What are you doing? I asked.  Talking to God, he said.

March 3, 2017

I signed up for an Instagram account a few months ago.  I know, I know, how very 2011 of me.  It’s ok.  I’m rarely an early adopter.  But I get to the party eventually.  Anyhow, turns out I like taking pictures.  Who knew?  I always thought photography wasn’t my thing. But I like looking at lighting, angles, colors, compositions.  I doubt I’ll ever pull out the Nikon or take a class in photoshop but still.  It’s engages my creativity in new and interesting ways and it’s fun to actually have a few photos of my own instead of always snagging them from other people’s feeds and Flickr streams.

A week in the life

G rockin’ the zipline at the park last Saturday.


Isaiah REALLY wants to fly. He made himself wings. This was before he tried them out on the front porch and all the bitterness ensued.


This dog. I cannot keep him out of our baskets/buckets. This one holds our winter gear — scarves/hats/mittens. I took the lid off for ONE second on Monday…


If flying won’t work out, he’ll climb. This guy’s taking his “house gymnastics” to new levels this winter.


How I found the fellas one morning last week. They were SUPPOSED to be up getting ready for the day. Thanks for the help, J!