Felt & Leather Laptop Sleeve

Ok, it’s not really leather.  But it sounds cooler to say felt & leather than it does to say felt and leatherette (or, heaven forbid, pleather).  Either way, it’s a laptop sleeve.  I’ve never worked with felt or leatherette and wanted a simple project to try them out.  I got a yard-ish of each fabric from Amazon (both about $6/yard) and then found some instructions for a sleeve here.

The Inspiration

It’s ok.  We can take a moment to acknowledge that she is WAY cooler than I will ever be.  But let’s focus on the laptop sleeve, shall we?

K.  Hers is made entirely of felt, with contrasting colors.  I only have one color of felt and wanted to use the leatherette so I used it for the accent pieces and stuck to one color.  I also made mine a little thicker than hers by using some cotton batting in place of the interfacing.  Otherwise I followed her instructions to a tee.

Finished Product

I sort of wanted to pose like that ^ with mine just to be funny but, well, who’s got the time, and also that would be really embarrassing.  

Only problem is this: I work from home.  It’s not often that I will actually need to put my laptop in its jaunty new sleeve to head out and about for a day on the town, you know?  So she’s all dressed up with no where to go.  Poor girl.  Maybe I’ll take her for a spin to the mailbox this afternoon.

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