Boxed Corners

I finally finished the zippered bags I’ve been working on.  Lately I’ve been trying to be more patient with my sewing.  I really like to just whip out a project in one sitting but that’s not usually feasible and it typically leaves me feeling frustrated.  So I took my time with this one and spread it out over several days.  I made three zippered bags with boxed corners and in total they probably took about 4 hours to complete.

In a couple weeks we are taking our first big vacation in seven years.  Basically since we had kids.  And every big vacay needs some new cosmetic bags, right?  Right.  Thus, these matching zippered bags.  I thought about making them different sizes but seeing as I had never boxed corners before, I decided I better stick to the tutorial.





Now that I’ve moved on to boxed corners I’ve been feeling like the bags I made as Christmas gifts are pretty sad.  Ah well.  Next year I’ll really wow ’em.

Up Next

I bought some fabric this weekend to make some palazzo pants.  And some jersey apparel fabric that I ordered online came in the mail today and it’s intended purpose is a long sleeve tee.  We’ll see!