Midweek Roundup // 3 things to check out this week — 7.24.19

This week’s roundup is for the writers & creators out there…


First up is an article about women who create by Brigid Shulte. It resonates on a deep level for me but even more than making my angry, it makes me admire the hell out of the women who have done it anyway. Three cheers for Maya Angelou and JK Rowling and Mary Oliver and Olive Ann Burns. Dang.

A Woman’s Greatest Enemy? A Lack of Time to Themselves

‘Women’s time has been interrupted and fragmented throughout history.’


Next, I’ve been inching my way slowly back towards the novel I was working on a couple years ago. It’s a different book now, of course. And I’m trying to figure out where to start and how, exactly, to get the wheels turning again. Enter, Nathan Bransford. I do not have a clue who this guy is beyond finding his website this week and diving in so deep that I have, literally, 13 tabs open at the moment from his site. It’s a how-to on writing and publishing and agents and all the things. If there are other sites out there like this one in terms of breadth and depth, hit me up. I’d love to see them.

Nathan Bradsford — How to Write a Novel


The final thing in this week’s roundup is a podcast from four years ago. I know. There are so many podcasts out there. Why one from 2015? Because it’s my go to for when I feel despondent over yet more rejections (I tell you, they are always coming. I got one on my birthday again this year, for the love). Also, what can I say? I miss Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed in my earbuds every week. Plus, what they say about the gate keepers and going down to clean the basement helps me keep on keeping on.

Dear Sugar: How Do I Survive the Critics?

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