midweek roundup — 1.2.19

I was sick all last week and it gave me a lot of time to mope cry in my bed ponder the new year and some of the things I’ll like to embrace in the coming months. One of the things I’d like to work on this year came from the Alexander Shaia podcast that I linked up in the Christmas roundup so I decided to re-listen when I was near death crying in my nachos mildly feverish.

As I listened, I was struck almost immediately by this: how much I forget! Even from a podcast I enjoyed so immensely. And so recently! Seriously, I just listened to it a couple weeks ago and I’d already forgotten so much. Maybe I’m listening to too many podcasts? Or I’m not paying close attention? I don’t know. Either way, I’m not retaining nearly as much as I think I am.

Whatever it is, I realized that my listening habits put me at risk for being a mile wide and an inch deep with a huge range of subjects. But I think I’d rather be an inch wide and a mile deep with just a select few. To that end, I’m going to re-listen to a few of the podcasts that stood out to me from the year to see what else I’ve already forgotten. When I made my re-listen list, I was surprised to see that the first three that came to mind are all from the same podcast – On Being. 

I actually only listen to On Being once or twice a month but maybe I should up my game. For the roundup, here are the three that came immediately to mind for revisiting…

If you’ve already listened to any of these (or decide to relisten), hit me up so we can talk shop!

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