midweek roundup — 9.27.18

For this week’s roundup, I’ve got two podcasts for ya and one musician.  If you’re reading this in your email, I don’t think the players show up in the email format, so if you’d like to listen and you don’t use a podcast or music app, click through to the actual page and you can listen from there.


You made it weird with Pete Holmes.  Jason and I are on a Pete Holmes kick lately.  We listened to a (Rob Bell) podcast where he was interviewed a few weeks ago and since then we’ve both started listening to his podcast and we’re nearly finished with season 2 of his show, Crashing, on HBO.  I’ve listened to two of his podcasts now (there are, like, 300 of them!) and there are so many more I’d like to check out.  So far, I’ve listened to the one with Richard Rohr and the one with John Lockley.


Speaking of Rob Bell’s podcast, I recently listened to this one from nearly three years ago with Diana Butler Bass and enjoyed it so, so much.


I’m not a music person.  I’m a books person.  I usually just listen to whatever Jason happens to be playing and occasionally yell down the stairs, “Who is this, love?!  So good!”  The last time I yelled down the stairs, Jason called back up “Cautious Clay.”   To which I responded, “This is Muhammad Ali?”

You can check him out on Spotify and I’m guessing anywhere else you might listen to music?  This is my current favorite…


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