midweek roundup

You know how sometimes you read an article or listen to a podcast and think, “That was really good/interesting/weird/creepy/awesome” and you want to geek out with someone about it but it doesn’t seem big enough to put up on Facebook or something?

I often want to debrief after I listen to a good podcast or read an interesting book — to chat about what moved me, angered me, stirred my imagination.  And when one of your StrengthsFinder strengths is intellection, you kinda just need somewhere to download all the stuff that’s swimming in your brain.  So, to that end, I give you the midweek roundup.   Things I’ve recently read, watched, listened to that I think would be worth your time.  And if you decide to check one of them out, hit me up so we can talk shop!

September 12, 2018


Great podcast with the author Luis Alberto Urrea.  This is a two-fer because I also just finished his latest novel, The House of Broken Angels, and it was really well done.


This article by Margaret A. Hagerman in Time last week.  It raised some things I’m still pondering, specifically about how to advocate for my own kids and all the kids.

Why White Parents Need to Do More Than Talk to Their Kids About Racism