Cowls for days

I wrote earlier about the election and how I’ve been processing it.  One thing I didn’t mention is that I’ve taken up knitting again.  I know, that seems like a non sequitur but it’s not!  After the election I was distraught to the point of anxiety and I just needed something to do with my hands.  I needed to quiet myself and since we were visiting family in the days immediately following the election, I asked my sister for a quick refresher course.   Both she and my mom gave me some yarn and a few needles to work with and I’ve been knitting my heart out ever since.

I haven’t knit in over 8 years but the basics came back to me quickly.   I have a very limited yarn stash at this point and when you combine a small stash with an impatient person, what do you get?  Cowls!  Easy and fast.  Much shorter than a full scarf and if you use bulky yarn, you can start and finish within a few days.  Just my style.

So far I’ve made five.  Five!  Who needs five cowls?  Apparently we do.  I’ve made one each for the boys, three for myself, and I’m working on a sixth which we’ve declared will be a family cowl (one that we can all wear).  I also tried my hand at a felted bowl which turned out alright.  Maybe it’s time to try a hat?  All I know at this point is that it is likely to be a long four years and, at this rate, by the time the next Presidential election rolls around, we might be buried over here!

Two striped ones for the boys on top. Three underneath for me. Still need one for Jason. Eh, he can borrow mine. Or wear the family one once it’s finished.
The turquoise and the navy are both done in seed stitch. The black one is a tad smaller, done in garter stitch.
Cowl in action here — you can just barely see it on Gryffin’s neck (in red). You can’t see Isaiah’s here but it’s prominent in the photo up at the top.
Hard to see but I’m wearing the black one in this photo. It’s the only picture I’ve got so far of me actually wearing one of them.
And of course, there’s always this option.




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