Felted Bowl

Sometimes I need to get out of my head and create something with my hands.  We were in California visiting family last week and I felt like I wanted to work on… something, anything with my hands.  Family visits aren’t conducive to writing but I was needing to create something, somehow.

I taught my sister how to knit several years ago and while she took off with it and now knits all sorts of amazing things (intricate stockings, socks, fingerless gloves, to name a few of her projects), I had since forgotten even how to cast on for a project.  So I had my sister give me a refresher course and I ended up going a little nuts while we were out-of-town.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop.  I just needed something to do with my hands while we chatted and hung out.

I made some cowls for the boys for skiing (pictures to come), started a scarf for myself and used some leftover yarn of my mom’s to make a felted bowl.

I used the pattern here.  You basically just knit a ginormous hat (think Hagrid-sized) with a scratchy wooly yarn and then wash it in hot water a few times.  Viola!  Felted bowl!

I’m really feeling the desire to get some more substantive writing time in.  But the boys are off of school this week so we’re hanging and I’ll get back to my laptop next week.   In the meantime, anyone want a random bowl?   Isaiah asked if he could use it for cereal but I’d rather keep it dry.