Laundry Room Before & After

After receiving my most-recent rejection letter, I’ve decided it’s time to shelf the novel.  Don’t worry.  The tears have been shed and I’m trying (so far unsuccessfully) to comfort myself with Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena and all the statistics about the likelihood of publishing a first novel.   It’s ok.  I’ll regroup.  But in the meantime, I’m coming hard at my house with all my creative energy.  It’s got to go somewhere and this past weekend I zeroed in on the laundry room.



If I liked a picture or a decorative item but couldn’t find a home for it, this is where it landed.   There is also a wall opposite this one that was covered with photos as well.   Let’s call it eclectic.  Collage-like.

It’s always felt a little too busy, though, and I’ve considered re-doing it several times since we moved in four years ago but… it’s the laundry room.  Who really cares?  But I actually spend a decent amount of time in there and I finally decided that it needed some attention.



Better, yeah?  Calmer.  The wall paper isn’t really wall paper.  It’s just some peel & stick stuff from Target.  The clock I moved in from my office because I never look at it in there.  The green thingamabobs on the wall were procured for free from my local Buy Nothing Group (originally from West Elm) and the other items were relocated from other areas of the house.  In the lower left corner you can see a wire shelf which holds the detergent and the basket fits on top for laundry days.

Next up?

I’ve got a secretary desk in my garage that I’ve been too nervous to start working on because I really like it and I’m worried that I might ruin it.  I’m going to sand it tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed!   I’ve also got to find a spot for all those homeless photos now.  Somehow the floor of the guest room doesn’t feel quite right.