Office Redux

I’ve wanted to revamp my office space for awhile now and last week I finally made the push to finish it.  Earlier this year I took over half of our playroom as my office but I basically just moved the table and book shelf up from downstairs and left it at that.  It has taken me several more months to really make the space my own but I’m happy with the way it has turned out.


Isaiah likes to swing wildly in the hammock behind me when I’m working so he does, on occasion, swing into my head but otherwise it doesn’t seem to have hampered the playing in the “playroom” one bit.   I took the video of him below a couple days ago when he kept slamming into me.


The table is from Ikea.  It’s actually a small kitchen table that I found in the “as is” section about 3 years ago.  It’s been in our guest room ever since serving as a desk/tv stand.

The book shelf was purchased from Costco circa 2002.  The white magazine holders organize all of my work and writing what nots.  They are from Ikea by way of Amazon Prime ($6.75 for a pack of 5).  The clock is from Target ($4.99) and the rest was re-purposed from around the house.

The white frames used to hang in the boys’ bedroom before we redecorated.   They had “Where the Wild Things Are” quotes in them so I just swapped them out for the ampersand (reminds me of my calligraphy days) and the “expecto patronum” which I made in Google Illustrator because Harry Potter (it’s the spell that drives away and protects a person from the dementors, which seemed fitting for how I feel sometimes when I’m writing).

The calendar pages are free printables.  You can find them here.

My Co-Worker

Lest you think it’s all serene and cozy in here, I give you… Isaiah in the hammock.  This is during “quiet time” which I’ll admit is not usually very quiet, but I’m going to hand it to him this time because, as he was quick to point out, he was swinging q u i e t l y.  See my chair there?  In the bottom left of the frame?  Now imagine where my head would be…