OuterSpace Bedroom

With Isaiah turning 5 and the boys moving steadily towards “grade school” age I decided that it’s time to update their room.  When we moved into our house 3 years ago, I basically tossed all the stuff from the “nursery” at the old house into their room and called it a day.  At some point we got them bunk beds and put some road sign decals in there but we’ve otherwise left it untouched.

Until now!

I spent a few weeks brainstorming, setting a budget, checking out the various options and prepping for the task.   Then my folks were in town last week and they helped me transform the bedroom in just a couple days while the boys were in school.


My dad helped me paint one of the walls a matte black with some leftover paint from a different project.  I had been debating whether or not to switch out the dark navy curtains (one long set on the big window and the two patterned ones on the small windows you see there) but they ended up looking fine with the black so I left them as is.  The moon is a vinyl decal and the hanging solar system was a gift from a friend.





Rocket Ship Sheets.  They’ve got white comforters for winter time (just put those away!) and a dark gray twin-sized micro-fleece blanket.  Otherwise, no bedspreads, per se.





I re-purposed some black frames from around the house and added some free printables that I found via Pinterest.  I had them printed at Staples for a couple bucks.  I also put up some clipboards for rotating art work.





I forgot to get a picture but I also hung a silver Ikea magazine rack behind their door to corral the ever-expanding collection of National Geographic Kids, Highlights & High Fives.

Gryffin’s go-to interest has always been cars/trucks/all-things-vehicular while Isaiah usually prefers balls and sports-related items.  I picked outer space for the room redux because it’s something in which both boys seem equally interested.   But, of course, while they were initially pretty pumped about it, Isaiah has since announced that he does not like rocket ships.  At all.  Ever.

Ahh well.  He’s stuck with them now!