Adopt a Rust?

It’s official, folks!  We’re adopting!  A dog, that is.  Well, we’re trying to adopt one, anyway. After dog-sitting for Dexter, our neighbor’s wonderfully mellow Golden Retriever/Husky mix a couple times, we’ve decided that we’re ready for a sweet little canine companion of our very own.

Jason, in particular, is set on getting a dog.  Truth be told, Dexter fell hard for Jason.  And Jason for Dexter.  Dex would sit all day, every day, with Jason in our home office.  He would not leave his side, even when I would bait him with bones and doggie biscuits.  If Jason came upstairs, so did Dex.  If Jason headed for the bathroom, so did Dex. The two were thick as thieves and Jason now spends every spare minute scouring Petfinder on the laptop,  trying to find us a new friend.

We’ve narrowed down our choice of breeds, size, and temperament.  We’ve visited the local shelter and we’ve filled out various inquiries and applications.  But so far, no dice.  Who knew that the screening process for pet adoption was so rigorous?  I’m pretty sure my sister and her family had an easier time being accepted and matched for adopting a CHILD.  Maybe it’s a Seattle thing.  There are more dogs up here than there are kids.  For reals.  

We haven’t even made it to the meet-and-greet stage of dog adoption.  We almost made it.  We had an appointment to meet a dog tomorrow at 2pm but we got a cancellation email this morning.  They decided that the age of our children would not be best for the dog.  The dog.  Not that the dog would be dangerous for our kids.  But that our kids would somehow be bad for the dog.  We’ve also been turned down because the slats on our fence are juuuust a skosh too far apart, our back yard is not big enough, our house is unsuitable and so on.  What gives?

The scrutiny is so intense.  Home inspections and contractual agreements for attending classes with our new four-legged friend.  You would think that a “normal” family with a house and a yard might be preferable to a 10ft holding cell at the local shelter.  But that’s the thing.  These dogs aren’t at the shelter.  When we visited the shelter there were four pit bulls and a few newly-found strays.  That was it.  The rest are all in doggie foster homes.  When I asked the volunteer at the shelter a few basic questions, she said, “it sounds like you need to do a little more homework before you’ll be ready to adopt, hon” and nodded knowingly with the receptionist.

Jason spoke with a “foster mom” on the phone last night after filling out applications and sending pictures of our yard and our fence and I think the dog MIGHT be adopting us instead of the other way around.  But that’s the one that was cancelled this morning so we’re back to square one.

I’m beginning to think that we might never make it through this gauntlet.  So I decided that I would make an adoption profile of our family.  You know, for the dogs to consider.  Maybe that will give us the extra edge we need…


Meet the Rusts!

Family of 4, looking for a dog to grace them with his/her presence.


Hi, I’m Jason!  I’m looking for a forever friend to warm my feet while I’m working long hours on my computer.  My feet are huuuuge, though, so we might have to focus on one foot at a time.  I once left our Golden Retriever, Toby, tied to a tree at Seward Park because he couldn’t keep up with me on my jog.   I totally went back for him.


Hi, I’m Nancy!  I’m looking for someone to take walks with me because I recently found out that I’m about as active as a sloth.  I enjoy using old plastic bread bags to pick up poop and while it’s true that we gave our last dog away, we are PRETTY sure that we won’t do that again.


Hi, I’m Gryffin!  I actually don’t like dogs at all.  I don’t like any animals.  At all.  I think this is a terrible idea.  I was glad when we gave Toby away.


Hi, I’m Isaiah!  I love all dogs.  Like, a lot.  I like to pull them and poke them and ride them.  I’m not afraid of them at all!  My mom told me once that a dog might bite me but I know the truth.   I have SO much love ready for you, I’m fit to burst.

Please choose us.  Pretty please.






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