This kid most definitely comes from my side of the family.  At least in so far as it relates to food.  Gryffin likes to eat.  A lot.  He’s known far and wide as an eater, always talking, planning and dreaming about food, it seems.   He’s always thinking ahead to his next meal, his next snack, his next treat.  The way to his heart is most definitely through food.  And especially dessert.   This describes so many people in my family (my sister -big time, my uncle can pound an entire 1/2 gallon of ice cream in one sitting, my entire dad’s side of the family, it seems – hello, scotch kisses) that it just seems to be natural fit.

It’s strange because Isaiah is by FAR the larger of our two boys.   We’re talking 110th percentile for a 12-month-old @ his 6-month checkup.  That guy threw my back out when I was Bjorning him at 3 months.  Seriously.  Maybe it’s because Isaiah was such a huuuge baby and took to nursing immediately.  He never had to fight for it.  Never had to go hungry.  Unlike G, who was only 6 pounds soaking wet as a babe, couldn’t nurse at first and just seemed to be hungry from day 1.     Whatever it is, kid’s a Lundin/Myers through and through.

When we discovered that our vacation house had a fire pit and that Gryffin wasn’t afraid of the fire like he was last year, it seemed only fitting that we introduce the boys to s’mores.   I thought Gryffin’s head might explode with the excitement.  It was almost too much for him.   He referred to them as chocolate marshmallow fudge delights, after a line from The Rattletrap Car and he was absolutely over the moon about them.

We usually go around as a family each evening and discuss our favorite parts of the day.  Gryffin, of course, declared the chocolate marshmallow fudge delights his most favorite part and woke up talking about them.

Isaiah, on the other hand, was just kind of… meh about them.  They were neither here nor there for him and tonight he barely even looked at his.

Besides eating copious amounts of dessert, we also hit the Children’s Museum, KidiMu, this morning and the boys had a blast.  Jason spent the afternoon mountain biking again and trying out his new favorite sport of paddle boarding.  He fell in, maybe just 15 times today?  He claims that two of the times he jumped in of his own accord but I’m not sure I believe him.  We also managed to go out to a nice dinner with the fellas.  It was nothing short of miraculous.  The boys were incredibly well-behaved, patient while waiting for their food and they both ate without complaint.   And the food was brilliant to bout. Wonders never cease.

Up next?  Bloedel Garden Reserve in the morning.

Jason after his mountain biking this afternoon.  Just a tad muddy.

Isaiah was so sad after his nap to discover that J had left without him on the bike ride.

He just sat outside and kept calling “Papa!  I go bike ride too!” every few minutes.

Still waiting

Jason trying to look like he’s got this paddle boarding thing down.

Not even remotely excited about the marshmallow

And… me.  I was thinking about dinner and whether or not I could convince Jason into stopping at Mora’s again.  Apple doesn’t fall far, that’s for sure.