Let’s Go Camping

Everything we’ve read tells us not to do it.

Don’t even attempt it.
Why not get an RV?
Why not stay in a motel?
It’s going to be a disaster
You’ll wish you’d stayed at home.

But we’re going to do it. We’re going camping next weekend, advice be damned!

Jason and I dig camping.  I had never been before we got married 10 years ago and it took some time to woo me.  Well, it took moving to Washington and the glorious Pacific Northwest.  Who wouldn’t like camping up here?   We’ve had some incredible camping trips.  An epic (and cold) 16 day trek across British Columbia and back in the Fall of 2006.  10 days in Southern Washington in early Summer of 2008.   But now we have kids.  A 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, in fact, and everything is different.    We like nap time and going to bed right at 7pm every night.  Well, Jason and I like it, anyway.  How do you manage nap time when you are camping and can’t use your awesome blackout shades and white noise machine?  And how do you expect your kids to sleep until 7am when it gets light in Washington at, oh, 4am?  We’re about to find out.

Our Community Group is going on its annual campout next weekend.  Last year we rented a small cabin nearby and joined in on some of the fun.  But it wasn’t the same.   So despite all the warnings we’ve received, despite the fact that we’ve already wimped out twice this summer, we are going to do it.  We’re heading to Larrabee State Park next Friday and hoping for the best.    We booked a walk-in site near our friends and we’re planning to take two tents so that we can separate the boys @ nap time.   At night we’ll all pile into 1 tent.   Isaiah in a pack & play and Gryffin in between Jason and me.  I started making lists and getting organized yesterday.  And I made a few minor investments that I hope will make it more fun and exciting for the boys.

Matching backpacks with an added fabric initial pinned to the front to tell them apart.

Ok, so Isaiah will probably not wear this just yet.  But I’m thinking he needs to have his own to play with, right?

Seriously, are these cute or what?  Matching bear chairs!  Jason was not pleased with this purchase but my sister says they are a great investment and they will really like having their own little spot to sit and such. Can’t wait to see them sitting in them at breakfast in the wee hours of the morning.

Wish us luck!  And if you have any (helpful) tips or ideas as someone who has been there and lived to tell, do share.