It’s a Party

There are a lot of ways each week that I indulge myself in a little treat of one sort or another.  A smoothie on the way home from running errands.  A few minutes to read during nap time instead of cleaning and prepping dinner.  An afternoon coffee (ok, I have those every day).     So when Gryffin heard me say that we’d “party it up” while Jason was gone playing Ultimate Frisbee and decided that he really wanted to have a party, I thought, why not?   Maybe he just needs a little treat.  So I put up some streamers, brought out the party napkins, the stickers, stamps, crayons, made some smoothies and put on the “Dora the Explorer” Pandora Station for a real kickin’ lunch time party.


We stamped, stickered and colored with gusto, singing along to Dora and occasionally jumping up to dance around the room.


And then Isaiah worked on his new ability to show me where his cheeks are.  With a little help from his big brother.


Gryffin kept asking me over and over “We’re having a party, Mama?”  The very idea to him was just so very exciting and made our usual lunchtime routine seem much more special.  For a two-year-old (and a one-year-old for that matter), life is full of excitement and unabashed joy and grand silliness but also genuine fear, angst and grief.  Maybe they need a a little something special from time to time, too.