friday reflections – april 16

This week we’ve been settling back in at home. I’m so happy to be back – spring is in the air in Seattle. The cherry blossoms are out, everywhere I look is exploding in bright yellows and greens, and there are tulips and daffodils on practically every corner. Yet I’ve also been missing the landscape of the Gorge. I’ve been poring over my pictures (evidenced above) and trying to hold on to the beauty I got to soak in on my daily walks there.

I listened to this podcast yesterday (about food and addiction and the complicity of food companies and corporations) and I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’d be so curious to hear what some of you think. I found it fascinating but I don’t… know where to go with it?

Other weekend worthy finds…

you also might enjoy this recipe for Irish Oatmeal Bread, made with steel cut oats. So good.

or this one for garlic chili pasta with roasted cauliflower

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