Photo Friday

I’ve been on hiatus from social media since reading the Cal Newton article I mentioned in this week’s roundup. But that means I can’t post photos on Instagram since I took the app off my phone. I know that technically I can post photos from my desktop but it’s a bit of a racket and I don’t feel like figuring it out at the moment.

So I’m posting one here instead. We had to install a new toilet last weekend (by “we” I really mean Jason because I just hovered in the doorway making vague comments about how sticky the wax ring was and proffering various tools when requested) and Isaiah immediately took up residence in the box it came in. He stocked it with a pillow, several stuffed animals, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, and a flashlight. After school, he announces “I’ll be in my box!” and we won’t hear from him for an hour or more.

I used to love a good hideout when I was a kid. I would climb up on our air conditioner and hoist myself up to sit up on the red brick ledge of our chimney. I remember always holding a book in my teeth so that I could read while I was up there. Something about Isaiah in his box makes me so happy. An introverted mother’s dream come true, I guess. Last Sunday afternoon, he and Gryffin and I sat reading in silence (Isaiah in the box) for a couple hours and it was blissful.

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