Autumn Wreath

Last weekend we checked out the Art in Nature festival at the park near our house.  There was one display with these cool wreaths and hanging mobiles that were made out of twigs.  I asked the artist a few questions and decided to try making one of my own.

Gryffin helped me collect the sticks and twigs during a walk through Lincoln Park last Sunday (ok, he picked up two twigs — whatever, I’m calling it a win) and Isaiah helped me find good placements as I glued.  Here’s the finished wreath.  If I make another, next time I think I’ll use smaller twigs to see what a more nest-like wreath might look like.

For now we’ve got it on the table out on our back deck.  It was Isaiah’s idea to put candles in the center.  Mainly because he wants to light them but I like the way it turned out.