Totally Flex

Remember how I used to get all hot and bothered when someone would spring last minute plans on me?  Remember how I plan all the things?  Well, I’ve come a long way, folks.  I am so super cool with stuff like that now.  We got a message from a friend at 9:15am Saturday morning that said,

Hey, we’re heading to the pumpkin patch with some friends at 10… want to come with?

Now, the Nance of old would have scoffed.  She would have laughed and said, AHAHAHAHA  NO.  But now I’m so completely down with last minute plans.  I can roll with it.  Even though I was just tucking in with some waffles and a latte, wearing what we’ll call my casual Saturday morning outfit, I pulled it off.  I even remembered to grab my festive orange coat and wipe the syrup off Isaiah’s cheeks before gulping down my last bite of breakfast and shoving the kids running out the door.

I mean, seriously, check us out…

I do not even know who that gal on the right is but hey! Pumpkin Patch!






Now, it’s possible that the night before I had pondered if this would be a good weekend for a run to the pumpkin patch.  It’s possible that I even mapped a route for us and had mentally picked out some outfit options that would work well for the inevitable photo op.  Yes, it’s possible that I had been planning it all along.   HOWEVER, we totally went to a different pumpkin patch than I had been planning and I didn’t say a word only mentioned it once!  Maybe twice.