Weekend Worthy

brought to you by…

The late Oliver Sacks

I first read some of Oliver Sacks in my Theories of Rhetoric class during my junior year of college.  He passed away last week and wrote this piece on the Sabbath for the New York Times Sunday Review just a couple weeks before his death.  I particularly like this piece because the imagery is keen and it compels me to think about my life and my time and how I am living and spending it.


The peace of the Sabbath, of a stopped world, a time outside time, was palpable, infused everything, and I found myself drenched with a wistfulness, something akin to nostalgia, wondering what if: What if A and B and C had been different? What sort of person might I have been? What sort of a life might I have lived?

You can read the full piece here.  Go well, Oliver Sacks.