3 Fun Finds

Water Balance App

I’ve had some random and seemingly unrelated health concerns and when I mentioned them to my doctor last Fall she cocked her head to one side, pondered my symptoms, and then said I was probably dehydrated.

She asked me how much water I drink and I said, “Oh, lots.  Yeah, like, that’s all I drink. Trust me.  It’s all good.

Which, technically, is true save my daily latte, but when I got home and mentioned it to Jason, he calmly walked me around the house and pointed out about 10 mostly full water glasses sitting around the house.  He gently suggested that perhaps I fill 8 cups a day but I’m definitely not drinking 8 cups a day.  Huh.  Who knew?

So I’ve been trying to drink more water.  But it’s harder than I thought.  Damn those half-drunk glasses!  I decided I need a better system.  Old habits die hard and I really needed to up my game.  I tried a written checklist for a couple days but finally caved and got the waterbalance app.



So far, I’m digging it.  It’s a competition with myself.  I’ll show you who’s going to fill that girl up!

The only downside to all this water drinking, though, is the, uh, need to use the restroom so often.  Seriously. All the livelong day.  I used to claim that my ability to hold my bladder was my superpower.  Long car ride?  Pshhh.  No biggie for this gal!  I used to go almost all day without using the bathroom once.  For real.  Turns out that isn’t a super power.  It’s a health concern. All well.


New Uses for Trello

I told y’all about Trello last week.  Ready to see some fun ways you can use it?   If you aren’t at all familiar with how it works, check out the video here.

For your classroom


For your wedding

trello wedding


For your home improvement projects


I mean, I’m not doing any of these things currently – teaching, getting married, or tackling a home improvement project – but I just like looking at these boards.  Maybe it’s time for a DIY project of some sort, if for nothing else but to plan and track my progress.


Kids Bedtime Relaxation App

One of our boys is struggling with anxiety.  It’s an ongoing thing – he’s a worrier – but lately it’s really been rough at bedtime.  We’ve tried sticker charts and all the usual ideas for coping and inspiring and cajoling and please-oh-my-gosh-stop-calling-out-to-us-we’re-still-here-go-to-sleep-already but we’re still struggling.  I spent several hours this afternoon reading about kids and anxiety.  We’ve got school starting in a few weeks so things will be likely be amping up for our guy in that regard soon as well so we’d like to get bedtime back to a reasonable place before then, if at all possible.

One of the suggestions was listening to a relaxation CD each night before bed.  We don’t have a CD player so I dug around online and found this app.  We listened to the free audio track tonight after lights out and the jury is still out but it seemed to be soothing for both boys so we’ll keep at it and see what’s what.



I don’t get paid for any of these, by the way.  Just found them this week and thought they were cool.