I had a grand time at the Oprah event last weekend.   I still feel a level of disbelief that I went in the first place.  You all know that usually something like this would typically involve weeks and weeks of mental preparation and anticipation for me!

I had no idea what the weekend would be like.  I basically went in blind, armed only with my admiration for Oprah and the hope of being inspired in some way.  The entire weekend was challenging, thought-provoking, and energizing.   When I got home on Saturday night I gave Jason a synopsis of the entire event.  I mean, like, the full 9 yards.   I recapped every single speaker and exercise.  At some point I realized that he was snoozing but no bother.  I just carried on because there was so much I wanted to process.

I’m still sorting through my thoughts but for now I want to share with you one quote from each speaker.  I hope they engage and encourage you like they did me.

OPRAH oprah2

“At any given point you can choose love or you can choose fear.
So choose love.   Always, always choose love.”




 “You slip into meditation whenever you’re more aware of what you’re doing than what you’re producing.”




“Don’t do what I did.  Ask what I asked.”





“God, the divine, is present in every area of your life but you are too busy and moving too fast to notice.”




“Your eyes will adjust to the level of deficiency in your vision.  And YOU will adjust to the level of dysfunction in your life.  You’ve gotta check that vision.”


—Which one stands out the most to you?