Weekend Worthy

Worth your time from around the web this week…


Give Us New Eyes
Shane Claiborne and a friend visit #Ferguson




Don’t Talk about Ferguson or Mike Brown
A school district in Illinois orders teachers to ignore any and all discussions/comments/questions about Ferguson and Mike Brown.  This is why systemic racism continues to fester in our country.



12  Ways to Be a White Ally to Black People
Looking for ways to take some action?  Want to educate yourself?  This is a good place to start.



This Doesn’t Happen to White People
I was really moved by Norwood’s story and hearing what it’s been like to be in her skin for 54 years.



St. Paul Police Tase and Arrest Man for Sitting in Skyway
This is a story from earlier this year.  The sound of this guy’s voice is devastating, especially around minute 2.  This would never have happened to Jason -I’m sure of that.


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