Weekend Worthy

Worth your time from around the web this week…

Children Playing Around the World
Beautiful images.  Put me in the mood to travel.  And I don’t even like traveling all that much!

Doctors in China bowing to an 11-year-old Organ Donor
This image gripped me – more so, even, than the story itself.  His mama in the background and the deep respect of the doctors.  Isn’t it breathtaking?

Goodbye to Cloth Diapering & Ideal Motherhood
This resonated with me.  So many of the things I thought I would do as a parent, I didn’t do.  And vice versa.  Was painful at times!

 My Son has been Suspended Five Times.  He’s 3.
At first this didn’t seem all that remarkable to me.  Maybe the school just has a strict suspension policy?  But when compared to her son’s white schoolmates?  Puh-lease.   Read it to the end. JJ2_edit

Why Evangelicals Should Care About the Mikado Controversy
I found myself slipping into stage 4 of Awareness when the Mikado controversy started rolling into my feeds a few weeks ago.  This helped wake me up.

Iggy Azalea’s Post Racial Mess: America’s Oldest Race Tale, Remixed
Honestly, I barely know who Iggy Azalea is.  But I’ve been reading about her more and more lately and this was an interesting read for me.Iggy Azalea




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