Remlinger Farm

Unlike last yearthis year I had ample notice before we hit the road to the pumpkin patch.   But this year we didn’t go as a family.   Now we’re in the big time and we went to the pumpkin patch as part of a school field trip.  I didn’t know that preschools even went on field trips but apparently they do and since all the kids are still in car seats and such, there is no school van with two poor moms along for the chaperoning ride.   For preschool field trips, YOU have to drive your own kids.  So in other words, if you don’t go, your kids don’t go.  Which would obviously never be acceptable.  So we’ll be going on ALL the field trips this year (there are 5).

When the big day rolled around (and believe me, when your kids are 3 and 5, it’s a REALLY big day), I was sort of reluctant to go.  A forty-five minute drive with two preschoolers for an 1.5 hour tour of the pumpkin patch just didn’t seem worth it.  And then we’d have to drive home.  But my worrying was for naught.  The boys were great in the car, I had my coffee in hand, and the farm was un-believable.  Seriously put last year’s pumpkin patch to shame.  There is no going back now.  We’re talking hay mazes, train rides, acres and acres of trees in all their Fall glory, a petting zoo, sing-a-longs, and the whole nine yards.   I guess preschool field trips aren’t too shabby after all.

This was the view from the parking lot. It only got better from there.

There was an actual little train station. And while we were on the train, we saw horses running around in the fields. White horses galloping about. They were really pulling out all the stops.
The hay maze. There was even an open area with loose hay to jump on and when we hopped in, we discovered there was a trampoline underneath!
Isaiah working on his corn grinding skills. It was a MIRACLE that I got that kid into a jacket and pants. He still wears shorts
Gryffin was SO serious about grinding the corn and was really attentive when the tour guide was talking.
I have no idea what these are called but these “stick your head in the hole for a picture” things were literally EVERYWHERE on the farm. I think we came away with more than 30 pictures of the boys and their heads all over the pumpkin patch.
This one was Gryffin’s favorite – the school bus one.
And this one was Isaiah’s fave.
Until next year, Remlinger Farms!