Camping, take 3

Well, we managed to squeeze in one more camping trip before I go on-call for 6 weeks.  And believe it or not, the bear spray hardly factored in to this trip.  It’s true that we had to throw out a few more items and I might have hacked my lung out when I was packing up on Sunday and caught a faint whiff of it wafting amongst our stuff (it lasted maybe 10 seconds, tops).  But it’s definitely becoming a thing of the past.

We were scared away from Owhi Campground by thunderstorm predictions and flash flood warnings but since I’m totally flexible, as you know, we changed our plans an hour before our departure and headed west instead of east.  We got a tiny river-front campground on the Duckabush River near the Hood Canal, some friends met us there later in the evening, and the weekend definitely delivered.  We have had some unexpected house guests for the past two weeks and while we’ve enjoyed the full house and wild adventures of FOUR boys instead of two, Jason and I and our overtaxed introverted hearts were looking forward to some down time.

Some of these photos (as noted) were taken by Kelly… her camera is awesome.  Or wait, maybe it’s the photographer?  Whatevs.  She gets AMAZING photos.

Brian, working on lunch Saturday night
Kelly, 8 months pregnant, taking a load off
Gryffin spent a lot of time walking his bike up a small hill and then coasting down to our campground
Kid digs his bike.
Belinda was officially in charge of the fire this weekend. She hooked us up in the evenings AND in the mornings. Pretty stellar.
Gryffin getting ready for bed
Stella’s first campout!
G spent a lot of time “helping” Bees with the fire.
I’m starting to lose track of how many photos we have of our boys on Shane’s shoulders. They love their “buddy Shane.”
Duckabush River – photo by Kelly
Gryff getting dunked – photo by Kelly
Sweet Stella – photo by Kelly
Isaiah in a slightly precarious spot — the other side of this log was the rushing river. I wasn’t too excited about it. Photo by Kelly
Me and my sweet fellas – after hiking to the waterfall. Photo by Kelly
Our hiking destination on Saturday



Weekend before last we went away with our community group to a Lavender Farm on Vashon Island.  ALL of the following photos are courtesy of Kelly.   Whenever she’s around, I get lazy.  Her pictures are always better so I just wait for her to put them up on her blog and then I snag them.  I need to work on this.

Our boys were, truthfully, pretty difficult at the Lavender Farm and it made for a stressful time for us.  Including but not limited to Isaiah falling down a flight of stairs and choking on a sample at the grocery store and throwing up in the baking aisle.  But it was still good to be away with our friends.  Our group has been together for 6 years now and we’ve added 3 babies to our group in the past couple of months and we’ve got three more on the way!    Can’t imagine our life in Seattle without them.

The view from the back porch at the farm
The gang, minus a few key players who couldn’t make it
The obligatory group shot of the kids — the gang 2.0
Three new dads!
Afternoon recreation time
Picking some of the lavender
See what I mean? Kelly gets really cool shots.
At the waterfront Saturday afternoon
On the ferry back to Seattle

Thanks again, Kel.  I’ll try to definitely take my own photos next go ’round.