Apparently all holidays, milestones and special events make me a little sad. It’s not just birthdays. Last night was the first time we took the boys trick or treating. Jason and I took such delight in the whole affair. After the “trunk or treat” on Saturday, Gryffin had a vague sense of what we’d be doing, mainly that he would be getting some more “treats” to add to his bag and was SO excited. We took pictures in the front yard and then set off about the neighborhood.

Gryffin knocked on the first door and shouted “hey! hey! We want to come in!” He didn’t quite understand the concept. We reminded him to say “trick or treat” and had to pull him out of our neighbors’ entryway before he made himself at home. We explained again and again that we weren’t going inside. Just going to stand on the doorstep. He finally got the hang of it and just generally thought the whole thing was incredible. After each house, he’d cheerfully say “ok! just a couple more houses!”

Isaiah was mostly just happy to come along for the ride. He rode in his little red car and held tight to his candy bag, dragging it along the ground until it was threadbare.

We finally got cold and headed for home where we dumped out the boys’ bags to examine their loot. We had only decided on Saturday that we’d go trick or treating and it all seemed kind of last minute and no big deal. But Jason and I had such an unexpectedly happy time, watching the joy in Gryffin’s little face, the excitement so evident in his whole body. Watching folks delight in Isaiah’s astronaut get up and Gryffin’s exuberance and having the rare chance to interact more with our neighbors.

And when the boys were both in bed, after indulging in one of their treats of course, we both sighed and felt just a little sad. Again. We’ll never have THIS halloween again. Never see the boys at this exact stage on halloween again. Gryffin won’t be quite so transparent and vulnerable next year. Isaiah won’t be so content just to roll along the street next time around.  And so we talked and talked and talked about it last night over dinner, recalling each little detail and delightful interchange.  Can’t wait to see what next Halloween brings.

Isaiah was a NASA astronaut, thanks to the jumpsuit from Jack and La Verne
(technically given to Gryffin but he was too scared to “go to the moon”)
Gryffin was Spock from Star Trek
(chosen solely because he won’t wear anything that is even
ever-so-slightly different from his normal get up and we wanted something space-themed)
Jason was the sun (not sure about the hard hat).  I was a martian (sort of).